We help Cryptocurrency Advisors
book Pre-warmed Consultations
and remove Cold-Prospecting
using Paid Advertising

Scaling your consulting business using Autonomous Marketing Systems

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Sick of Wasting Thousands of Dollars on Leads, That Don't Convert
into Clients?

Listen, we get it.
Cryptocurrency Advisors are bombarded with offers from companies every single

We understand how frustrating that is, so...
We're offering you something that everyone else should already be offering, but just plain isn't.
Here's What I Mean By That...

✓ We drop a voicemail to every single lead, within 3 minutes of getting their information. This makes you "the first contact" for every lead you receive, which makes you 78% more likely to "win" that lead.

✓ We continue to follow up with texts, emails, voicemails, and videos until the lead responds. This multi-system approach to communication converts leads at 300 times the rate of email follow-up alone.

✓ We qualify the leads with long-form questionnaires that identify when the lead wants to move, how much they're looking to spend, what type of property they're looking for, how long they've been looking, and all of the other information advisors want to know about their leads. All in our lead-generating process!

× We don’t make you compete with other advisors for your leads. Every lead that comes through your campaign is exclusive to you – no more fighting for business with other advisors who have entire teams at their fingertips.

× We don’t waste marketing dollars on campaigns that don’t work. No more “$100 Boosted Post” ad campaigns. At Selotec, every campaign is designed to build a database of prospects, then we mine that database for clients who are ready-to-go.

× We don't oversaturate by working with every single advisor in the market. Our system works best when no more than three advisors are assigned to a zip code, so we give each advisor five zip codes to begin with.

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