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Yeet Club is the world's first social network that rewards you with cryptocurrency for creating and sharing original memes.

Yeet Club is the world's first social network that rewards you with cryptocurrency for creating and sharing original memes. Yeet Club is being written in C# and .NET and will be released simultaneously for web, Android, Apple and Microsoft devices.

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Product Strategy

Selotec’s agile approach to development provides a proven process for delivering results. The agile approach ensures objectives are understood and continually assessed throughout the project life cycle.

From a napkin sketch and a silly logo, to a fully-fledged cross-platform web and mobile device application, to a social network and a blockchain leveraging its own tokenized cryptocurrency ecosystem, Yeet Club really has it all!

Our totally remote engineering team worked tirelessly with our customer to create one of the raddest apps in existence. Please follow along to check out what we’ve done so far!


As always, we leverage the very best of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Material Design principles and practices to deliver a beautiful, functional product. At Selotec, we do everything from design and development to deployment.

With Yeet Club, we had the great pleasure to be involved at every step of the way, including logo design, color palette selection, User Experience design (user personas, stories, and flow), User Interface mockups and wireframe designs.


Yeet Club was developed with our very own rapid application development strategy in mind. We call it “CARP”:

C# — Primary programming language.

ASP.NET — Frontend web framework.

RazorPages — Hybrid templating engine.

ParsePlatform (.NET SDK) — Backend runtime environment, web framework and database.


At Selotec, speed of deployment, operation, and scalability is our primary motivating factor for selecting a database and application host. Therefore, Yeet Club will be deployed to Microsoft Azure, which we personally believe is one of the world’s best cloud hosting providers for web APIs and applications.

Given that Yeet Club was developed in the Microsoft-supported C# programming language, and that we are leveraging the ASP.NET framework to build the primary web application, Azure was a natural choice with its fully integrated delivery pipeline and development environment.

We look forward to launching and maintaining Yeet Club’s entire application architecture on Azure in the very near future.

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